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Greensboro/High Point, NC




We don't follow trends!

Our mission is to increase the awareness of inclusive and radical transformation to the mind, body, and spirit for better holistic wellness. Our work is centered on birth/postpartum/full spectrum care for amazing self-love through education and advocacy with the incorporation of ancestral healing practices.

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”So I was taking the yoni pills religiously these past few months and had zero cramps & reg periods. Thanks for your herbs! I'd be in a fetal position it I didn't have em!” 

- T.N. 

I use wake and bake every morning on my diffuser bracelet, wrist and temples. I haven’t had any issues with my anxiety. So basically my doctor told me I was having Asthma attacks. So I got the $60 inhaler and was using it for a week and still had the same issues. Something told me to try wake and bake. I don’t have any of the symptoms I had before and I don’t even have the mood swings.

"Mystique is an amazing person both inside and out, a great birth worker and advocate and a great support system. We are so thankful to have her as part of our village!" 

- Stella

- Krystal