Client Testimonials

“Let me begin by saying Black Birth Healer products has been life changing in more than one way. Before starting the Yoni tea I suffered from heavy menstrual bleeding that was only getting worse. Owner Mystique Hargrove recommended the Yoni tea so I immediately purchased it. It was such a beautiful delicious tea. It has a refreshing taste but beyond that the results literally had me in tears. My periods lightened up and I can immediately tell the difference.” - Shatera, NC  

“Let me uplift Mystique Hargrove. If you haven’t checked out Black Birth Healer, LLC what are you doing with your life? 

✔️Her allergy tincture is like that!
✔️Her Florida water came straight from the ancestral plane 
✔️The crystal infused oils...HONEYYYY
✔️These incense...Chile ain’t no better ones!

I’ve finally slept peacefully! My allergies ain’t killing me! Go give her your coins.” - Rose, NC

”So I was taking the yoni pills religiously these past few months and had zero cramps & reg periods. Thanks for your herbs! I'd be in a fetal position it I didn't have em!” - T.N., GA

”I had never heard of Florida Water until I saw it on Black Birth Healer's site. It smells great! I spray it in my home and on me for added blessings. It has a calming effect for me, especially when I've had to deal with any negative energy. Elderberry Syrup is a stable in my home. I suffer with "Arthur" and its has helped my joints. Plus, I can't remember the last time that I've had a cold. The Night Night Tinctures help my grandson have restful and uninterrupted sleep at night. Thus, helping me have a peaceful night.” - R.H., NY

”First of all thank you so much because my anxiety was out-of-control at work. I use wake and bake every morning on my diffuse bracelet, wrist and temples. I haven’t had any issues with my anxiety. So basically my doctor told me I was having Asthma attacks. So I got the $60 inhaler and was using it for a week and still had the same issues. Something told me to try wake and bake. I don’t have any of the symptoms I had before and I don’t even have the mood swings.”- Krystal, NC

”The healing power within Black Birth Healer is unbelievable! The body oils extend throughout the day, and loom after you leave the room. The Florida water helps keep my dojo purified and set the atmosphere for meditation and manifesting dreams. The Elderberry assists with keeping me ABOVE the weather and the tea, WHEW! Let’s just say my partner can’t keep his hands off of me!” - C.M., NC

”Last year when I was pregnant, I was pointed in the direction to Mystique by a mutual friend for doula services. Upon first meeting her, I was instantly drawn to her energy and knew she would be the perfect doula. She was that and then some! She made me feel safe, supported and secure the entire time! She made me feel like a rock star during labor and I know I had a great birth because she was there by my side. Even after giving birth she made sure both me and baby were doing well and always asked if I needed anything, whether it be questions or simply to express how I was really feeling during postpartum. She also helped when I needed lactation support and had questions to make sure I was breastfeeding correctly. Mystique is an amazing person both inside and out, a great birth worker and advocate and a great support system. We are so thankful to have her as part of our village! ”- Stella, NC

“I suffer with gout periodically. Gout is a painful swelling that can occur in some of your joints. It is caused by having too much uric acid in your body, Sometimes it's so painful that you barely want the sheets on your bed to touch the area. This time the gout was in my ankle, was so swollen and painful that I could barely walk. Every time I put my foot on the floor it hurts something AWFUL. I had some Soursop Tea and Golden Milk that I drank 3 to 4 times a day. I would alternate these items. After a couple of days, I was able to put my foot on the floor without being in a lot of pain. Some of the swelling went down. I told my doctor. The pain is not there when I move around. I thank Black Birth Healer for this tea and the golden milk.“ - R.C., NC