These re-introduced goodies are great for those who need to unwind or just get back their sexy juju flow!


Choose from the following:

  • "Sweet Dreams": French lavender, rose, sage and rosemary (Great for sleep, immune system protection and relaxation.)
  • "Wake and Bake": lemongrass, sweet orange, Cuban tobacco and spiced rum (A very “masculine” blend that is great for boosting energy, uplifting mood and relieving stress.) 
  • "Erotic Fantasy": ylang ylang, rose, jasmine, and brown sugar (This is awesome for a day or night of tapping into your inner sexiness.)
  • "Summer Madness": pineapple, mango, patchouli, pink champagne (Do you love the beach? This tropical blend creates a fun and flirty vibe for your senses!)


Ingredients: pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt, and herbal blend of essential oils. 


**Do not consume/ingest products. Although they may smell good enough to eat, they are NOT edible. For external use only.**

Healing Bath Salt Soaks (8oz)

8 oz Bath Salt


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