This has always been a go to of mine when it came to hair loss, breakage, shedding, hair growth, and healing dry scalp. I remember my abuelita using this on my hair when I had the chicken pox TWICE which made most of my hair fall out. 

Once she treated my condition, my hair grew back instantly (half way down my back and thicker than before).

Great for:

  • hair loss (I.e. stress, postpartum, etc) 
  • thickening hair
  • promoting healthy hair growth
  • dry scalp/dandruff
  • breakage
  • excessive shedding
  • conditioning dry hair to provide moisture
  • inflammation at the scalp
  • tightness from protective styling
  • repairing damage hair from heat styling and protective styles (I.e. braids, weaves, wigs)

Made from the finest ingredients, this family secret concoction (with a twist) is infused with herbs known to help promote healthy hair growth.


  • Regular blend
  • Nut-free blend 


Hair oil comes in 4 oz only.


Ingredients: Organic botanical oil blends, organic carrier oils.


**Do not consume/injest products. Although they may smell good enough to eat, they are NOT edible. For external use only.**

Mother Canada's Growing Hands Hair Oil (4oz)

Hair Oil (8 oz)


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