WARNING: This is NOT for those who are lactating/nursing, pregnant, or on blood pressure/blood thinner medications. Consult your medical provider before purchasing. This product is NOT to be used for yoni steaming. 


Made up of a variety of teas that are created for the specials needs of one's temple, this product line is dedicated to the creator's grandmother, "Mother Canada", for the ancestral healing practices and lessons that were lovingly taught to provide love, light, and healing for all.


All of our teas are both infused by solar (sun) and lunar (moon) energy  (depending upon the herbs and their properties needed to be activated) to cleanse and charge for promotional healing. This infusion is used to enhance and increase the properties of our organic herbal tea blends to create better healing for the body's needs.


**IMPORTANT: We recommend you seek medical advisement and clearance with your primary health provider before ordering our teas. Some herbs, although are used for healing purposes, can conflict with certain medications and physical conditions/illnesses. Use at your own discretion.**


  • "Immunity Defense": Used to boost one's immunity for better health and wellness support. Great for cold, flu, and other virus protection, along with treating viral illnesses.

Ingredients: elderberry, lemon balm, ginger, echinacea, lemon zest, yarrow, angelica root

  • "Get Lifted": Used for the need of relaxation and anxiety management. Great for sipping your stressful day away.

Ingredients: lemon verbena, skullcap leaf, passionflower, orange zest

  • "This Energy!": Used for a needed energy boost and to uplift mood.

Ingredients: green tea, lemon balm, damiana, anise

  • "Sex Magic": Used to increase libido, stamina, vaginal lubrication as well as improve sexual health and wellness. 

Ingredients: hibiscus, ginseng, wild yam root, slippery elm

  • "Happy Moon": Used for comfort and relief of PMS symptoms and menstrual issues such as pain, discomfort, irritability, and other issues. 

Ingredients: red raspberry leaf, cramp bark, chaste tree, jamaican dogwood

  • "Simmer Down, Tummy": Used to provide comfort and relief of digestive issues such as bloating, irritability, gas, upset stomach, and constipation.

Ingredients: dandelion root, burdock root, licorice root, peppermint, probiotics, blackberry leaf



Mother Canada's "Tea Time" Collection (11 oz)

Tea Time Collection
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